Water Store Packages

We can provide everything you need to open a state-of-the-art water store. Pure water is one of the fastest growing segments of today’s economy and we believe that anyone wanting to start their own business could not find a more rewarding and successful business endeavor to get involved with. What is not to love about selling purified water: Low startup costs, quick capital recovery and very high margin product. All this, as well as being in a stunning high growth industry.


We offer complete packages:

Water Systems (8 Stage Purification)


Pre-filtration is required before RO systems to ensure the membranes performance and life-span are not degraded or reduced. Large bed activated carbon filters remove organic compounds as well as chlorine from the water source. Dual alternating large capacity water softeners reduce total dissolved solids (TDS) and hardness from the water in order to provide maximum life-span to the RO membranes. The water is then further refined through 5 micron and 1 micron filters prior to the RO membranes.

Reverse Osmosis

High end reverse osmosis (RO) systems that are fully computerized. These systems range from 4,000 gallon per day (GPD) to 40,000GPD. A typical water store will require between 4,000GPD and 10,000GPD.

Post Filtration

After the RO membranes, additional post filtration is applied through the use of 5 micron carbon block filter and a 1 micron absolute filter. This ensures the final water dispensed is of the highest quality.


High intensity Ultra violet (UV) light is used to ensure that all water remains free from any harmful bacteria once the water has been processed through the RO system. This protects the water that is in the storage tanks.

Water Storage Tanks

Water storage tanks are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit you application. Tanks are supplied with float switches to automatically start the RO system when the tank is being drawn from and shut off the RO system when the tank is full.

Clean in Place (CIP) Tank

A clean in place tank allows for easy sterilization of the pump and lines that supply vending machines and filling counter in your store.

Vending Systems

Sell water 24 hours a day to ensure a maximum return on your investment. State-of-the-art Liquid Action water vending machines are build to the highest standards and allow for the best presentation of water in the vending industry. Made form 100% stainless steel the choice is clear. 5 Different vend sizes, electronic coin mechanisms, vend courtesy light, audit controls, auto flush, safety nozzle, to name but a few essential features.

In-Store Filling Counters

In-store filling counters provide the ability to manually fill customers containers inside your store. Available with adjustable heads to suit any size of container. Two 3 head counters can be put together for a 6 head filling bank. A center sink can be placed between the two 3 head filling counters for maximum cleanup and convenience in the store.

Ozone Bottle Rinser

This free standing ozone bottle rinser allows customers to sterilize their own bottles. A concentrated stream of highly ozonated purified water is sprayed into the customers’ bottle to provide bottle sterilization.

Installation Kits and Instructions

A complete set of installation fittings, hoses, clamps, etc are provided. This kit along with the detailed installation manual, allow you to simply install your own equipment with a step by step process. Self installation is a simple process that will save you many thousands of dollars. While many will try and tell you this a complex process that only qualified technicians can accomplish, this is simply not so. Anyone with basic tools and a reasonable ability to work with them, can install our systems. If you choose not to do the install yourself, we can assist in finding a local water service company to do the install for you.

Advice  and Drawings

We will advise you at every step of the way to ensure your system and startup are a smooth success. We can also provide drawings in order to assist you with store layout and spacing requirements as well as detailed drawings of water flow and steps in your entire purification and delivery system.

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