Water Softeners & Filters

Autotrol® ReadySoft™ System


Features and Operation
The Autotrol ReadySoft alternating and high flow systems are sophisticated twin-tank designs, created for efficiency and convenience in a variety of applications. Incorporating an intelligent microprocessor control and water meter, the ReadySoft systems electronically monitor water usage and regenerate each valve at the appropriate time to provide an uninterrupted supply of treated water. The ReadySoft system’s ease of operation is equaled only by the uncommon reliability of the Autotrol series 255 valve with its simple design and reinforced Noryl* construction.
Each of the ReadySoft systems operate using two control valves connected by a manifold system. The main control, equipped with an easy-to-read, six-digit LED display and interface buttons, is used to program the system and provide operating instructions to the secondary control. While regeneration is initiated automatically when the resin bed is exhausted, the cycles of regeneration, such as Back-Wash, Slow Rinse, and Fast Rinse, can be adjusted to meet a wide variety of water challenges. In addition, salt settings and capacities may be programmed to fine-tune the operation and efficiency of the system.
Water usage information measured by the ReadySoft control system is stored in the main controller’s non-volatile memory and can be easily accessed. This allows for an in-depth look at the application through a wide variety of water usage and operational information including:

  • Total water used since installation
  • Average daily water usage for each day of the week
  • Days since last regeneration
  • Peak flow rate
  • Time of day peak flow rate occurred

ReadySoft Alternating System


For use in residential and light commercial applications, the ReadySoft alternating system measures water flow through a flow meter in the outlet piping. During operation, when capacity of the on-line tank is reached, the main control switches the tank in standby into operation and places the on-line tank into regeneration. After completing the regeneration the tank stops in the standby position until the on-line tank becomes exhausted. Prior to coming on-line, the control valve in standby performs an automatic fast rinse to drain, cleansing the tank and removing any residual regenerant. During normal operation the main control displays the Capacity Remaining and Flow Rate for the on-line tank.

ReadySoft High Flow System


The ReadySoft high flow system is a parallel system that can provide in excess of 25 gpm of service water at peak conditions. The system measures water flow with a flow meter in the outlet piping. The control will monitor the water usage and allocate half of the total to each tank. When one tank reaches its capacity it will go into regeneration and all of the service flow will be allocated to the on-line tank. Once the regeneration of this tank is complete the control decides whether or not to regenerate the other tank and will go through the same process if needed. Regeneration can be initiated at a defined time or immediately upon bed exhaustion. During normal operation the main control will display the Capacity of tank 1, Capacity of tank 2, and Flow Rate.
Autotrol® Performa™ CV Filter Valve 942F/962F/962FTC


High quality granular activated carbon for de-chlorination and VOC removal.

With the 440i clock timer control on the 163 filter valve, back washing of your water conditioning system can be automatically or manually initiated at any time of the day. The timer is available in six- or seven-day options. Back-wash frequency for filtration is easily set by positioning pins on the skipper wheel. Time of day is programmed with a 24-hour timer knob. Manual back-wash can be initiated if a power failure or unusually high water use occurs. Flapper-type valves are vertically oriented to keep the sealing surface clean. Three-cycle operation automatically handles all types of media filters. Simple design and rugged construction ensures built-in reliability and maximum life. Bypass water is automatically available during regeneration. Optional auxiliary back-wash valve, with just one moving part, boosts back-wash flow rates for heavier media.

Autotrol®960 Demand Control Water Softener Valve



The 960 control is capable of handling almost any application, with its fully programmable cycle times and other features, including:
NOVRAM memory and an optional battery, which ensure the safety of the programmed data and water-usage history
Availability of manual regeneration or back-to-back regeneration options
Large, four-digit LED display and over-sized, easy-to-push buttons for simple programming and adjustment
Memory of daily water-usage patterns to eliminate hard-water breakthrough
For the ultimate in water-conditioning efficiency, there is simply no match for the sophisticated microprocessor-based 960.