Reverse Osmosis Systems

We are able to supply a complete range of Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems to suit every application from 250 gallons per day (gpd) to 40,000 gpd.

We build systems with premium suppliers to ensure you get the best equipment possible for your specific application.

Reverse osmosis will remove up to 98% of dissolved contaminants such as; mineral, salts, metals and organic matter that may be present in a water supply. Pores in the reverse osmosis membrane are so small that only water molecules pass through. The contaminants are rejected and discarded as wastewater.


LIGHT DUTY COMMERCIAL SYSTEMS                                                                       MEDIUM DUTY COMMERCIAL SYSTEMS

   roskid2                                                           roskid3


HEAVY DUTY – COMMERCIAL SYSTEMS (Multi-Stage Pumps)                                HEAVY DUTY – COMPUTER CONTROLLED SYSTEMS               roskid4                                         roskid5



We do residential, municipality, and school systems too!

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