Ozone Bottle & Cap Rinsers from Liquid Action

OBR-3 Ozone(O3) Bottle & Cap Rinser


The OBR-3 gives your self-serve customers the ultimate solution for maintaining a clean bottle and cap. The Liquid Action Bottle and Cap Rinser provides the simplest and most complete Ozone(O3) rinse system available
anywhere. Simply place the bottle-cap into the holder, slip the bottle over the rinse nozzle
and press down. A blast of highly concentrated ozone and water rinse the bottle and cap with nature’s own bacteria killer. Release the bottle and the spray stops automatically.

The OBR-3 is a generation-3 ozone bottle and cap rinser designed for self serve operation.

Customers can use a highly concentrated spray of natural Ozone (O3) to help
kill bacteria in their own clean bottles.

All dirty bottles must be scrubbed by the
customer with detergent and hot water prior to using the ozone rinser. Ozone is a sterilant not a cleaning agent. No chemicals to buy.
The OBR-3 makes for faster customer turnaround times in your store as the unit works to kill bacteria in the bottle cap at the same time as the bottle is being rinsed. Takes up very little floor space, with a footprint similar to a water cooler. Complete with ozone generator, 1-micron absolute air filter, injector valve, spray nozzle and more.
Manually operated, spring-loaded valve for safety.
High quality, rotating spray nozzle provides full coverage of the inside of the bottle.
Rinses any bottle that fits on a cooler.
High-grade stainless steel cabinet. Looks great, won’t rust and requires little maintenance.
Dynamic color graphics compliments your water store décor. Easy to use.
Child resistant activation mechanism.
Requires 120V power (220V optional), pressurized water feed and gravity drain.
The optional remote drain tank and pump is available if no gravity drain is located
All wetted parts use either stainless steel or food grade plastics.   Rinsing the caps and bottles simultaneously will allow you to fill more bottles per hour which results in labor savings and turning customers around faster.

Dimensions                           14.75” x 13.5” x 39”H – 55lbs

Packaged Dimensions           16.75” x 15.5” x 41”H – 60lbs