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   Img43.png Water Vending Machines

man action - vending (96 dpi).pngRated #1
This water vending machine is simply the best available
in the market. "Rock Solid" design and manufacturing
allow you to invest with confidence in a machine
that will last for many years to come.

In order for people to feel that they are
purchasing premium quality water, the
presentation must look clean and professional. 
Nothing says quality like stainless steel.

Liquid Action machines rate #1 for a reason.
Great looking 100% stainless steel cabinets
with vibrant color graphics. The easy to read
screen, guides users through their purchase.
The sensational presentation entices people to
buy water from these machines.

The fact that both the front and rear of machine are
100% Ultra Heavy Duty stainless steel, make this unit
a "Tough Nut to Crack".




 LA -1000HS

High Security - Accepts all Canadian & US Coins
Does not return change.


UV Add a 5gpm UV Sterilizer to the machine. 

Upgrade standard time based vending to volume based vending. Only required if pressure and flow rate fluctuations exist in your system.

COIN CHANGER Add either a 3 or 4 tube Coin Changer in order to return change to customer.
BILL ACCEPTOR The bill acceptor option allows customers to insert between $1 & $20 bills.
(Bill Acceptors must be used in conjunction with a Coin Changer).

This optional upgrade allows for: 1) The filling of bottles to be either manual or automatic &
2) the automatic flush function to be enabled or disabled.


Vending Management
-> Accepts all Canadian & US coins - MDB (Multiple Drop Bus).
-> Large 32 character backlit LCD Information screen provides status and
    credit information.
-> Both time based (standard) or volume-based vending (optional meter).
-> Simple user programmable pricing.
-> 5 Vend sizes (1, 2, 3, 5 & 20 gallons). 3 GPM Flow Rate.
-> UV "Temperature Flush" performs a 3 second flush if no water has been
    sold for 1hour. Cools the UV bulb and extends its life.
-> "Out Of Service" notification will prevent vending in the event of UV
    bulb failure, pump failure, empty water tank, etc. (3 Dry Contact Inputs)
-> Internal pressure switch monitors low water pressure. Low pressure
    situation places the unit into "Out Of Service" mode.
-> Additional internal 32 character backlit screen provides for easy
-> 12 Button keypad for simple and fast programming.

-> Highest security model (LA - 1000HS) prevents coin theft by not giving change.
-> Coin mechanisms use state-of-the-art counter measures for stringing
    and slugs.
-> Heavy duty lexan decal are designed for heavy use and the highest level
    of vandalism prevention - same as used in bank machines
-> Cash and vend audit counts. Understand and track customer sales to
    maximize promotional efforts.
-> All Stainless Steel recessed vend nozzle to prevent contamination.
-> Locking rear door cabinet (accessible from inside of store) for additional
-> Ultra heavy duty face and cabinet are 100% welded stainless steel for absolutely the strongest cabinet available.

-> Premium 100% Stainless Steel cabinet & fill spout.
-> Illuminated vend area.
-> 5 Gallon bottom plate & 1 gallon drop down shelf.
-> Large filling area to accommodate insulated coolers.
-> Built in drain system in the base of unit.
-> Spring loaded (adjustable) Lexan door - keeps vend area clean.
-> Both front and rear of cabinet are 100% stainless steel.
-> Dimensions: 34"(W) x 36"(H) x 20.75"(D)

Power Requirements
-> Plugs into a standard 110 Volt electrical outlet with a GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) installed.

-> 2 Year warranty on all stainless steel components. 1 Year warranty on all electronic

Additional Information
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Consider the Opportunity that Water Vending Provides

*   Find out what makes Liquid Action Vending Machines so much better

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Close-up Pictures
Click to view closeup picture of a Coin Acceptor model Screen and Color Graphic

*   Click to view closeup picture of Coin Changer / Bill Acceptor Screen and Color Graphic

*   Click to view picture of the rear of the cabinet

Optional Exterior Bottle Racks For Vending Machines
The optional bottle racks assist customers in handling their bottles while filling at the vending machines. They provide a key staging area for multiple bottles as well as a place to uncap and cap their bottles.

vending-racks.gif   vendor low profile.gif


Ultra Low Profile Design
Liquid Action vending machines provide a sleek low profile. Vending machines
can be used with or without the optional bottle rack shown.










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