Purified Water 24 hour Dispensing

Purified Water Vending Systems from Liquid Action

With the purified water industry growing at an explosive 10% a year, water vending machines are leading the way as the hottest growth area in purified water businesses today.

We specialize in all aspects of supplying commercial water systems that are required for the successful setup and operation of water stores, bottle delivery operations and water vending locations. We also specialize in the design, manufacture and assembly of window, wall or kiosk mounted water vending machines.

Our commitment to you, is to provide you with seamless solutions to running a water store, water vending locations or bottle delivery operation. As a one-stop-shop we can supply you with everything you need to open a successful pure water operation.

All of our equipment is designed to connect and work together. Our purified water systems and water vending machines are pre-assembled and tested, so that you can be operational within hours of receiving your equipment. You are guaranteed that the equipment you receive from us is of the best quality and the simplest to operate. In addition we also support these water vending machines with reverse osmosis water purification systems, bottle sterilization systems, bottle filling stations and bottle washing systems.

The water industry has seen constants growth over the past decade as people begin to realize that water is a valuable commodity. It is no longer assumed that water from the tap is “ok” to drink anymore. People expect more from the water that they drink and purified water is a strong competitor to pop and cola drinks. As a company serving commercial water suppliers we are positioned to help water stores, water vending operators and water delivery operators find the right products to solve their needs.

Before we sell any water system products, we have tried and tested that it meets the requirements of the water industry. It must be constructed out of high quality materials to be acceptable for use in the Food and purified water industry. As is the case with our water vending machines, filling counters and bottle rinsers, if we cannot find robust products in the market place we design and build our units from the ground up. This way you are assured that you receive only the finest products available.